Accumulation Plan

Accumulation Business Repurchase Benefit + Down line Bonus:-

» Through this old venture is combined with new one by which you can upgrade your rank. In this you will get Bonus through repurchase process of you and your group members on the basic of BV.

Repurchase B.V. Commission Bonus
Non Bronze Below 2999 20% Nil
Bronze 3,000 25% Nil
Silver 10,000 30% Nil
Gold 30,000 35% Nil
Diamond 90,000 40% Nil
Double Diamond 2,50,000 43% TDB5%
Diamond Manager 7,50,000 46% -------
Gold Diamond Manager 21,00,000 49% CHF3%
Crown Diamond Manager 42,00,000 52% -------
Star Diamond Manager 85,00,000 55% SDB2%

A) Team Development Bonus (5%):-

» To achieve this Bonus you have to earn your defined Target. This will be achieved every Month by You or by the TDB earn by the group that doesn’t have any Double diamond member.

Rank B.V. Qualify Stage Royalty Bonus
Double Diamond 12,000 2,25,000 10%
Diamond Manager 10,000 6,50,000 or 3D.D 15%
Gold Diamond Manager 8,000 18 Lacks or 3D.M 20%
Crown Diamond Manager 6,000 36 Lacks or 2G.D.M. 25%
Star Diamond Manager 4,000 70 Lacks or 2C.D.M. 30%

EXAMPLE-(TDB*Royalty Bonus*CPBV)/Qualifier

B) Car and House Fund (3%):-

» To achieve this Fund you have to earn BV of 3.5 lakh from two different groups till two months, along with Profit of TDB & CHF.

Rank Qualify Stage Royalty Bonus
Gold Diamond Manager 18 Lacks or 2D.M 25%
Crown Diamond Manager 36 Lacks or 2G.D.M. 35%
Star Diamond Manager 70 Lacks or 2C.D.M. 40%

EXAMPLE-(CHF*Royalty Bonus*CPBV)/Qualifier

C) Star Development Bonus (2%):-

» To achieve this Bonus you have to earn BV of 10 lakh from two different groups till two months.

EXAMPLE-(SDB *CPBV)/Qualifier D) Life Time Royalty (6%):-

» To achieve this Bonus you have to have two direct Star Diamond Manager.

Rank Royalty
Star Diamond Manager Level 1 3%
Star Diamond Manager Level 2 2%
Star Diamond Manager Level 3 1%
Example: Life time Royalty = Royalty x Team BV